Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental Services (3)

My employees are complaining of headaches. Could it be something in the air?

You may have a ventilation problem that is causing air to be distributed improperly. We can look at your ventilation system and test for proper temperature, humidity, flow, etc.

I see mold on my wall. Should we have it tested?

Maybe – we would recommend that an inspection of this area be performed to determine why the mold is growing. Mold does not grow without moisture, we look for the moisture source/issue; in most cases testing the mold is not necessary.

I’ve noticed tiny white dust particles on some surfaces in our building. Should I be worried?

It could be a byproduct of construction in or near the area or a problem with the ventilation system. We would recommend that we inspect the problem area to determine if testing the dust is necessary.

General (2)

Won’t my employees worry about their working environment if they see consultants doing tests?

Actually, our experience has shown that it makes employees more comfortable to see that something is being evaluated. Your employees are very in tune with their environment and are more aware of issues than some employers think, and it works in your favor to show that you care about their health and safety enough to call in professionals when necessary.

If I hire Safety Environmental Consultants , is my data going to be reported to OSHA or State Regulatory Agencies?

No. All work is done with strict client confidentiality. Reports and results are only released to third parties with client permission.

Industrial Health & Safety (1)

My employees wear respirators when working with chemicals. Do I need to evaluate their exposure?

Yes, OSHA requires that an exposure assessment be performed to ensure that the respirator is providing adequate protection. A good industrial hygiene program requires that exposure assessments be performed periodically to document exposure potential and to ensure conditions have not changed for the worse.